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My name is Levie Watterson, owner of Shnurfy Goods Boutique & Mercantile.

I wear many hats in life - I'm a loving wife, a devoted mama, an avid dog lover, boutique owner and I even have my real estate license! I love a good junk hunt, and I’m always dreaming about what I could create out of other’s discarded treasures.

I was born in Alabama, and I spent my childhood split between Bama with my dad (Roll Tide) and a charming little farm in rural Missouri with my mom and stepdad.

My first job at 15 was milking cows for a family friend and I still LOVE the smell of a dairy barn. It taught me a lot of patience and how to be a problem solver when there was no one around to help with an incredibly stubborn heifer!

Nature is my sanctuary, and in the warm months you will often find me outdoors, soaking up God’s beautiful creation in our local spring fed rivers. I'm a music enthusiast, especially live performances that resonate with my soul. Beyond that, I find joy in the art of creation, whether it's working with power tools and wood or creating delicious meals for my family in the kitchen. Welcome to my world!"

Shnurfy (sh-nur-fy):
Good Cool Positive

What does Shnurfy mean?

"Shnurfy," conveys a sense of positivity and well-being. It's a term that encapsulates anything good, cool, or positive. When someone is described as "Shnurfy," it means they're not just good or cool; they're in a state of genuine positivity. Whether you're looking good or feeling good, being "Shnurfy" represents an elevated level of positivity and excellence. It's a catchy and memorable way to express the bright side of life and everything that's great about it.

How did we come up with the name?

When I was trying to think of a name for my boutique I brain dumped a lot of words and phrases onto a piece of paper. I wrote down Shnurfy simply because it kept popping into my head.

My husband came up with this word in his high school years before we ever met and him, and his friends used it all the time. If someone was dressed up and lookin good, they were “lookin’ shnurfy”, if they were having a good day and feelin’ good they were “feelin’ shnurfy” Once we got together my friends and I adopted the phrase as well and it had always been an ongoing inside joke.

Fast forward to 2021, my then 7 year old little boy saw the word written down on my brain dump paper, he wanted to know what it meant. When I explained it to him he said “You’re a Shnurfy Mama” Well that made my heart melt, so I wrote it down and the business name eventually morphed into Shnurfy Goods!

About Products We Sell:

Milkhouse Candle Company founders, Eric and Janet Sparrow, have strong ties to agricultural America. It’s their Midwest upbringing that inspired the creation of a cleaner, healthier candle experience.

Starting off as a hobby for the couple in 2002, their candle making began in canning jars bought at local auctions. They shared their creations with friends, family, and co-workers, and suddenly they started getting more requests for candles.

Years after the original candles were produced, Milkhouse has grown into a thriving company that continues to produce soy and beeswax candles. The Milkhouse blend of waxes is simple: pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. No artificial dyes are added and there is no lead in the wicks. Our blend of waxes provides a safe and clean-burning alternative to paraffin candles.

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